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what are essential oils



An essential oil is a highly concentrated extract that is naturally found and distilled from plants, trees, flowers, roots, fruit peel and twigs. Essential oils are essences that the plant produces to attract pollinators, protect itself from predators or infection, heal itself and regulate its own hormone system: growth, flowering, fertilisation and production. In simple terms, essential oils are the immune system of the plant.

And as you may know, extracting these compounds and bringing them into our lives can benefit us humans in a similar way. Many essential oils have strong cleansing, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and antiviral properties. As well as helping to promote emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

It’s important that you are selective with what brand essential oils you choose to use, as many products available contain sneaky synthetic nasties to fill and dilute their products, like many of products and foods we are exposed too today. dōTERRA contain no fillers, chemicals or synthetic ingredients that would dilute their natural qualities. These oils can be applied topically, inhaled or taken internally. There are certain oils that cannot be taken internally. To find out more about essential oils click here. Or check out my guide to learn about the benefits and ways to use them.